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  • Marco Behrmann, Ph.D., Industrial/Organizational Psychologist


What is important to us?

Our goal is your success both when interacting with others and when you approach your own work. It is about more than just winning. It involves collaboration, teamwork, and partnership. It is about economic success, social responsibility, a healthy work-life-balance, and life satisfaction. We are passionate about working with individuals, teams, and organizations to establish a healthy, productive work environment. In our approach, we focus on personal values, personality traits, professional behavior, influence, and impact in business.

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What is X-Rubicon?

To transform an idea into action, you often have to figuratively cross the Rubicon. You need to decide how you will motivate yourself and others to produce desired results. All actions have consequences. The Rubicon model describes the psychological process of how to effectively plan and execute the steps needed to reach your intended goal.

X-Rubicon stands for this conversion of thinking into action. The X is the placeholder for your goals, business situation, and projects. It also symbolizes the process of crossing from where you are to even greater success.

We help you discover your strengthts and shape your future.

Where did our agency's name come from?

Our name, Crossing the Rubicon, came from a famous decision by the Roman general, Caesar. In 49 BC, after careful consideration and planning, he decided to cross the Italian river Rubicon, an act which would mean war.

Most decisions do not generally trigger civil wars. But Ceasar's decision reminds us how important it is to do a careful analysis before making an important decision. Find your own way to cross the Rubicon and systematically turn you goals into reality.

What can you expect?

We combine humor, tactfulness, and reason with empathy and a focus on goals. We establish a comfortable working relationship with our partners, clients, and their employees. We promise to give you our full attention, expertise, and effort to help you reach your goals. We strive for measurable results. Guaranteed!

Work smarter rather than harder. Sometimes, "less really is more." We attempt to make things simpler and more efficient for you by applying the professional practice of Applied Industrial & Organizational Psychology.

Portrait Marco Behrmann, Ph.D., Founder and Owner of X-Rubicon

Marco Behrmann, Ph.D. - X-Rubicon Founder & Owner:

  • more than 16 years of experience as consultant and trainer with several consulting firms
  • national and international trainer and coach
  • working languages: English and German
  • consultant for personnel selection, recruitment, and assessment center
  • Hogan certifed
  • professional member of SIOP, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • study of psychology in Mannheim (Germany), Portland, OR (USA), and Hohenheim (Germany)
  • dissertation on negotiation competence and negotiation assessments
  • publications on leadership, assessment, and negotiation, e. g. Behrmann (2016). Negotiation and Persuasion - The Science and Art of Winning Cooperative Partners. New York: Hogrefe. German edition Göttingen: Hogrefe, 2013.

discover your strengths . shape your future