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Modern working environments are more complex and fast moving. In order to stay ahead, both organizations and their members must adapt to continuous change and learning new things.

X-Rubicon can help make your managers more skillful, your teams more committed, and your organization more profitable.

We make all initiatives match your situation, your team, and your objectives. With head, heart, and hand. Scientifically anchored. Effective and motivating. To make you and your team work smarter - not harder.




Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu X-Rubicon

Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu X-Rubicon

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We combine humor, tactfulness, and reason with empathy and a focus on goals. We establish a comfortable working relationship with our partners, clients, and their employees. We promise to give you our full attention, expertise, and effort to help you reach your goals. We strive for measurable results. Guaranteed!
Work smarter rather than harder. Sometimes, "less really is more." we attempt to make things simpler and more efficient for you by applying the professional practice of Applied Industrial & Organizational Psychology.


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Do you know that? Someone's behavior surprises or bothers us. And we know immediately where it comes from. The other's personality is the reason. Stop! Is it really true? Often, situation, circumstances, daily form, or simply luck are much better explanations for the behavior of the other. Our brain ist thinking fast and makes its judgment quickly. In this case, the so-called fundamental attribution error - one of the most common fallacies in human thinking. We tend to overestimate the influence of the person and underestimate the situation. There are 3 good strategies to avoid it:

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